Getting Your Baby to Sleep Isn't     an Easy Task

That's why we created this campaign for the JOHNSON'S® Baby Bedtime Sleep App featuring first-time dad Louis and his daughter Tilly, who show us how a baby can fall asleep faster, and sleep longer. 


Three Steps to Success

Louis and his daughter Tilly demonstrate how a simple 3-step bedtime routine (warm bath, a gentle massage, and a quiet activity) can help the baby, and even her parents, sleep better and longer.

Step One: A Warm Bath. Louis and Tilly show us that a good night's sleep starts in the water!

Step Three: A Quiet Activity. Louis and Tilly provide a few activity suggestions on what to do right before getting tucked in.

Step Two: A Gentle Massage. We learn how a parent's touch can help calm a crying baby and play an important role in the baby's development.

All campaign components were designed to connect with various elements of the App. For example, during featured tips in the episodes, such as playing lullabies during the Quiet-Time Activity, a live message recommending music from the App appeared.

The TV spots served as teasers for the episodic content and drove viewers to download the JOHNSON'S® Baby Bedtime Sleep App to learn more tips and tricks.