To help Johnson & Johnson connect with Hispanics, we created a multi-brand and multimedia campaign providing a look into a real Latino family in the U.S.

Documentary episodes provided intimate views into important family moments and topics inherent to the U.S. Hispanic culture and their interaction with everyday brands. 

TV spots leveraged the family as the foundation for telling a variety of Johnson & Johnson brand stories.

The campaign Facebook page provided daily content around Hispanic traditions and events resulting in a +75,000 follower increase. 

Since soccer played a key role in the family's daily life, we developed a partnership with FIFA World Cup creating exclusive content around their excitement watching the matches. 

In support of Johnson & Johnson's CARE WITH PRIDE™  initiative, the family attended the L.A. gay pride parade. One of the brothers happened to meet Demi Lovato, and she even posted on her own social accounts about LA FAMILIA DE HOY!

A variety of live TV integrations were developed using different family members.

Banners were distributed on highly trafficked sites such as Univision in support of each brand spot. 

Print, Coupons, & Retail Activations were produced to complement media partnerships.