It’s something that you nurture every day as an evolving process. It’s not something that just “happens” but a continuous learning of new things and improving your sense of aesthetics. The more dedicated you are to this process, the more tools you have to craft and communicate ideas with clarity and sophistication.


One of my favorite writers, Julio Cortázar, talks about writing as a way to investigate human destiny. Similarly, my experience as a journalist and as a creative for brands shapes the stories I like to tell--fueled by curiosity and appreciation for the human condition. I’m also a big fan of narrative journalism, where research and observation strive for a greater truth.


Human stories.

Human stories are relatable and make brands approachable. In La Familia de Hoy, a multimedia effort I created for J&J, real people interacting with everyday brands are documented through the stories of a real U.S. Hispanic family, and brand benefits are demonstrated naturally. 


What I like about the way media and advertising are shifting is that the word "content" is providing a more intimate and spontaneous approach to storytelling. It is making brands more aware of how they can be useful for the consumer, even by giving helpful advice, providing a service, or simply by entertaining. The idea of creating something beyond the commercial aspect really fascinates me.

My goal is to continue telling stories that inspire people to take action, whether it be as small as purchasing a stamp or as big as learning how to take care of your children. I think to make the messaging relevant, each piece of a campaign must work holistically. I make sure an idea integrates comprehensively from the creative asset to the media plan, and through to the analytic reporting and insights.