Ketel One's tradition of 300 years perfecting their distilling craft inspires a content platform on how to exceed on everyday activities. 

step one. Determine whether the act is worth celebrating, clapping by yourself in a crowded place is like getting out of a pool and not realizing that your swimsuit is down. step two. Gently arch your palms, and then clap them together. The distance between them, should not exceed 8.7 inches. step three. Look around and smile, it will communicate emotion, and will help you know when to stop clapping. 

step one. Confirm that the palm of your right hand is not sweaty. step two. Extend your arm at a right angle. step three. Establishing eye contact, open your hand with the thumb pointing up. step four. Add an elegant phrase, such as “Enchanté”. step five. When your counterpart reaches out, grip his hand with determination, but be careful not to hurt him. Keep your grip for three counts: One Mississippi, two Mississippi… three Mississippi.


step one. Sit down and select which foot to start with. Slipping on loafers while standing is as dangerous as a surgeon with hiccups. step two. Now, hold the shoe from behind and insert the corresponding foot at an angle not exceeding 45.3 degrees, this will prevent the shoe from rolling under your heel. step three. Still seating, repeat the procedure with the other foot.