I became fascinated with the struggle of writing when I was 14 and fell in love with a girl three years older than me, who had a boyfriend in college. To win her heart over, I decided to send her love letters. She replied conscientiously. Through dozens of notes, I realized that my true love was not her, but creating stories that touch the heart.

So I went to study Journalism and Communications, started a music zine and wrote for TV shows, newspapers, magazines and did publicity for bands. A happy coincidence brought me to advertising, where I’ve created ads for technology, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, and liquor brands, and also a campaign featuring Spider-Man.

I'm currently based in Miami and have recently lived in Los Angeles, New York City and Austin. When I miss the mountainous city of Bogota, where I grew up, I think about my favorite writer—the Argentinian, Julio Cortázar. While living in Paris in the 50s—the city where writers went to become writers—he realized that no matter where he lived, he would always be a Latin American writer.



I'm currently into

  • Bike rides

  • Just Kids by Patti Smith

  • Dancing In the Rain

  • My first novel (about a group of Colombians who meet in NYC while making journeys to escape political violence)

  • Street photography (Check out Urban Safari)