Look Who Just Swung In

To promote the speed, agility, and reliability of the Priority Mail of the United States Post Service, we teamed up with Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man to deliver a multimedia campaign with superhero results.

The collaboration delivered over 2.5 billion impressions and drove both online consumer engagement and Priority Mail box orders.

The adventures began with a short film alerting audiences that Spider-Man had joined forces with the USPS on a very important mission: deliver his new film on the night of its premiere. The spot was directed by Marc Webb and Rich Lee (The Amazing Spider-Man II), and features comic legend Stan Lee (who played the projectionist).

USPS.com takeover

We transformed USPS.com by giving it a new look, driving visitors to watch the commercial, offering the option to order stamps and boxes, and providing retail shipping services at a discounted price.

On-Air Media Integration: Spidey Visits Ellen

During one of Ellen’s shows she talks about the new partnership between Spider-Man and USPS. The superhero drops in personally to show off his limited-edition Priority Mail boxes.

Spider-Man Catches a Ride

Spider-Man and USPS trucks have a lot more in common than meets the eye. They’re both quick, strive to do their best, and always care most about serving the people. 

Priority Mail Boxes & Stamps Deliver Excitement

We produced limited-edition Priority Mail packages and custom stamps available for purchase online for consumers to get in on the Spidey action.